My Favorite Links

My favorites

Oracle body building – oracle-l
Ixora by Steve Adams(Unix and Oracle form a powerful combination.)
Do you really want to be an Oracle-(wo)man? Follow Thomas KYTE
Morgan Daniel’s Oracle SQL & PL/SQL Library
Joe Fuda’s Oracle SQL Snippets/Tutorials
Cary Millsap’s Oracle blog
Pete Finnigan’s Oracle security weblog by Adrian Billington
OTN TechBlog
Oracle and Linux by Werner Puschitz
Best Practice PL/SQL with Steven Feuerstein
The Oracle Users’ Co-operative FAQ by Jonathan Lewis
Mark Rittman’s Oracle Weblog
Oracle Internals Presentations by Julian Dyke
Jonathan Lewis – JL Computer Consultancy
Steven Feuerstein and Oracle PL/SQL Programming
Rittman Mead Consulting
Striving for Optimal Performance

Oracle Related BLOGs I follow

Pythian Group Blog
Inside the Oracle Optimizer
THE Q U A D R O BLOG by Alex Fatkulin
Oracle related stuff by Randolf Geist
Arup Nanda’s Blog
Tom Kyte’s Blog
Steven Feuerstein’s Blog
OraExplorer by Ittichai Chammavanijakul
Jonathan Lewis’s Blog – Oracle Scratchpad
Coskans Approach to Oracle
Dan Norris’s Oracle Blog
Doug Burns’ Oracle and ZX Spectrum Resources
Miladin Modrakovic’s Blog: Oraclue
Alejandro Vargas’ Blog
Pete-s random notes
Fuad’s Everything Oracle related Weblog
Laurent Schneider’s Blog
Eddie Awad’s Blog
Lutz Hartmann’s Blog
Karen Morton’s Oracle Blog
Tanel Poder’s Blog
Ardent Performance Computing
Software Engineer Thoughts by Pawel Barut
Richard Foote’s Oracle Blog(Indexes:)
Structured Data by Greg Rahn
Chen Shapira’s Blog
Oracle database internals by Riyaj
Kubilay Çilkara’s
Rob van Wijk’s Blog
Hans Forbrich’s Blog
Ogan Özdoğan’s Blog
Suhan Erol’s Blog
Joel Goodman’s Oracle Blog
Harald van Breederode’s Oracle Blog
Fairlie Rego’s Oracle blog
Jaffar’s Oracle blog
Jason Arneil’s Oracle blog
Marco Gralike’s Oracle blog
Dion Cho – Oracle Performance Storyteller

ApEx(formerly HtmlDB) Related BLOGs I follow

Dimitri Gielis’s Oracle BLOG
Patrick Wolf’s Blog
Scott Spendolini’s Blog
Dietmar Aust’s Blog
Carl Backstrom’s Blog
Bernhard Fischer-Wasels’s Blog
John Scott(Jes)’s Blog

My Family and Friends

Dedem Mesut Duran ve Türk Sanat Müziği Üzerine
A.Fuat Sungur’s Oracle BLOG
Sertaç Çamcı’s Oracle blog
Bahadır Aktan’s Oracle blog
Kamran Agayev’s Oracle Blog
Emre Baransel – Oracle Blog
Merve Olamli’s Blog
Bilal Hatipoğlu’s Blog-Turkcell Internship Cronicles
E.Altug YILMAZ’s Blog
Hüsnü Şensoy’s Blog
Mennan Tekbir’s Blog
Hakkı Oktay’s Blog
Ertürk Diriksoy’s Blog
Mert Inan’s Blog
Osman Çam’s Blog
Emre Kanlıkılıçer’s Blog
Özay Akdora’s Blog
Ufuk Yücel’s BLog
Er-Öz Hotel @ Fethiye, Muğla
LAM (LymphAngioleioMyomatosis) Türkiye
Özgür Macit’s Blog
Halil Karaköse’s Blog
Ersin Ersoy’s Blog
Burak Tartan’s Blog
Mustafa Tan’s Blog
Zafer Tan’s Blog
Mehmet Güzel’s Blog
Sezer Yesiltas
İbrahim DEMİR Blog
Fatih Batuk’s Blog
Engin Zorlu’s Blog

Oracle Related Other Links

Oracle documentation is here
Oracle Discussion Forums
Oracle Technology Network
Oracle Support, MetaLink
Free subscription of Oracle Magazines
Turkish Oracle Users (DBA & Developers)
Calsoft Blog
Andrew Barry’s DBA Queries at
Oracle Community – The social network for Oracle people
CETURK Oracle Forum
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition, Free to develop, deploy, and distribute(Restrictions; Up to 4GB of user data, 1GB RAM, Single CPU)
Hakan Yüksel’s HomePage
General Oracle Plugins for Mozilla Firefox
UBTools-Danışment Gazi Ünal(itrprof SQL Analyzer etc.)
All Oracle Blogs
CETURK : Computer Engineering TURK Database Forum
Devoloping Successful Oracle Appliactions, Kyte Chapter 1 Summaries by Osman Cam
OracleTURK, Bilgi Paylaşım Platformu
Oracle By Example (OBE) Series

Everyone should play an instrument(Guitar)

Turkish National Anthem (Istiklal Marşı) by Dr.M.Safa Yeprem
Turkey Classical Guitar Group
MyDükkan Müzik Market Gitarlar,Amfiler,Kitaplar,Teller..
MyGiTaR Gitar Portalı
youtube-Canon on Electro
youtube-Andres Segovia – Asturias

youtube-Eric Sardinas, Slide Blues Force

youtube-Koyunbaba of Carlo Domeniconi by Can Baldan
youtube-Alla Turca by William Kanengiser
youtube-Paco De Lucia, John Mclaughlin, Al Di Meola

Other Stuff

Red Hat Linux Manuals
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Java™ Tutorials
Google Blog Reader
Notepad ++
Turkish Customer’s Satisfaction Site



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