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November 17, 2008

Some Thoughts on Blogging and Vendor Management

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I was thinking about the alternative cost of blogging and ironically I found myself blogging. :) Here the cost I want to highlight is the time spent of course. Blogging starts like training, it is always harder to write on a topic, then post after post you receive comments and socially this kind of an interaction and the feeling of being followed motivates blogging more, with higher standarts. After some time you find yourself addicted to blogging I guess, whatever you do you search for a reason to blog. At this point if you stop for a second and think the time you give up to blogging instead of being with your family and friends it is really scary in my opinion.

At tonguc.oracleturk.org I have blogged from 30-01-2006 to 25-12-2006: 483 posts, 1 page, contained within 2 categories. And than here at tonguc.wordpress.com I have been blogging since 25-12-2006: 231 posts, 5 pages, 386 total comments, contained within 18 categories and 35 tags. Over 314,000 wordpress hits within two years and important friendships all around the world. So after all this time nowadays I think to limit my blogging addiction, in the future I will be blogging less most probably but I will be still around. :)

First two coming posts will be my seminar notes of Oracle Index Internals by Richard Foote and implementing a near real time telco service datawarehouse with Oracle’s advanced queue option: service layers will be notified based on a ~300 to 500 GB of data streaming from network devices including location updates of ~36 million subscribers. Can AQ handle this workload, if so how, we will see soon. :)

I was also thinking about the global economic crisis and what kind of a vendor management strategy will be best for today’s conditions. Oracle’s already provided options within the database licence provides important cost advantages in my opinion; you nearly do not need any other vendor’s stuff for any kind of your database application need. So you get closer and closer only with one vendor like Oracle, this is a strategic partnership especially if you are doing some business at the ends. So they are always there for your success, your support needs are handled with special care since your success is also their success.


October 28, 2008

We lost Carl..

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 7:05 am

This morning I read the tweets of this very bad news..

Carl’s OTN Apex forum activity, blog and Apex examples were always my guides through my Apex adventures..

I still can not believe this, he left comments on my blog two weeks ago..

We all will miss you Carl..

blog : http://carlback.blogspot.com/
apex examples : http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=11933:5

John Scott

aejes @oracletechnet a big big loss. I had the pleasure of counting Carl as a friend. Can’t believe it. My thoughts are with his family about 1 hour ago from twitterrific in reply to oracletechnet

Fuad Arshad

fuadar @eddieawad yes @carlback will definitely be missed about 5 hours ago from TwitterFox in reply to eddieawad

Justin Kestelyn

oracletechnet More info about @carlback; he will be missed. http://snurl.com/4rd4a [www_lasvegassun_com] about 7 hours ago from web

Eddie Awad

eddieawad Linda, a friend of @carlback sent out this FB msg: he [Carl] died early sunday morning around 3am in a bad car accident. about 7 hours ago from web

Eddie Awad

eddieawad What! @carlback passed away! RIP. http://bit.ly/33y0Dv about 7 hours ago from web

Fuad Arshad

fuadar wow RIP @carlback about 8 hours ago from TwitterFox

Justin Kestelyn

oracletechnet @carlback Carl Backstrom, RIP. Good guy, a terrible loss. about 9 hours ago from web in reply to carlback

Dan Norris

dannorris Re @carlback: http://friendfeed.com/las about 9 hours ago from twhirl

Dan Norris

dannorris @fuadar @topperge Message said it was early Sunday morning, the 26th. about 10 hours ago from twhirl in reply to fuadar

Fuad Arshad

fuadar @dannorris i see the last tweet form @carlback is oct 24th about 10 hours ago from TwitterFox in reply to dannorris

Dan Norris

dannorris I had a message from someone I don’t know that @carlback died in a car accident over the weekend. Corroboration? RIP @carlback if true. about 10 hours ago from twhirl

September 8, 2008

Two quick notes to share

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 5:52 am

My colleague Hüsnü Şensoy is much more active recently and he will be presenting at OOW 2008; Growing a Data Warehouse to 50 Terabytes and Beyond” in Oracle Open World

This thread on OTN forums was interesting to read this morning, once I also wrote on these wars but this time after reading this thread it made me think about my part on this so called *rant war*.

July 12, 2008

Now one and a half year passed and this blog is running to a quarter million views

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 5:37 pm

Recently I didn’t blog much, still ~650 views a day I monitor from wordpress dashboard. It is like yesterday, I decided to move to this wordpress domain at December 2006 from tonguc.oracleturk.org because of some administrative reasons. My first post was a short one :)

Being a blogger has alternative costs, life passes by quickly and you choose to sit and write on something you experienced. But no pain no gain, being a blogger is an important opportunity to study topics further. It is always harder to write on something. Also as you are a blogger you may build up friendships with other bloggers, this is another good opportunity to share opinions closer. I always think blogging is different than writing an article, it is much more like a fast food, a blog post is nice for me if it can be consumed fast and easily. :)

There are a lot of very experienced people around me who thinks they can not blog because they are very busy, which makes me laugh because as a result I become very non-busy. :) For me this is just another choice of course with its alternative costs. Also some of mt friends think that if they can not make a difference why to start blogging since there are a lot of bloggers already. But I strongly believe that anyone’s experience on any topic can be unique and valuable, they can be simple and nice since we are not doing rocket science anyway. :)

I love to read and learn from forums and blogs as a result I believe I benefited more than I shared in my opinion. So I hope these kind of web 2.0 information sharing opportunities never stop growing.

As far as I can see XE, APEX and SQL Tracing was the most attractive topics to my readers, naturally these three areas were also personally mine most liked blogging areas. I may say in the future I do not think I will be blogging as much as I did especially like at 2007, but whenever I experience something I think is valuable to share, I promise I will do my best to blog about it.

Blog Stats

Total views: 243,303
Busiest day: 1,339 — Monday, March 10, 2008


Posts: 193
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June 26, 2008

Oracle vs. SQL Server – a never ending story

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 7:49 pm

11.1 vs. 2008


10.2 vs. 2005

but always two things to keep in mind;

– Oracle is not cheap and getting more expensive with its new options on recent releases.
– SQL Server is cheaper but does not run on any other operating system but just Microsoft platform.

so why not going after another path :)

June 16, 2008

Like in the old fairy tales if I could have 3 wish chances from the big boss.

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 8:30 am

1. Support Issues

I would wish Oracle to segment its customers due to both their financial value and Oracle know-how.

I really do want to see someone who knows more than me when I open an SR, after all those years of experience if I am opening a SR this really means something is wrong and I need immediate, to the point support.

In my company if one of our VIP customer calls our call-center we recognize him and guide him to a special team of call-center agents. There he experiences the SEVERITY 0 type of support, this is 21st century basic need for any company to full fill its customer loyalty.

2. Licensing Issues

I would wish Oracle to enlarge XEs limitations, enrich APEX and SQL Developer to the ends.

MS is so active at Universities that nearly no Computer Science student can have the chance to meet Oracle Database software until he is recruited. But after XE things started to change.

3. Acquired Software Company Issues

I would wish Oracle to provide “Oracle Database Friendly” versions of acquired softwares starting with Siebel and BEA.

I want to utilize my database investment, I do not want to experience another common database independent solution because I am not running MySQL but Oracle.

So what would you wish? :)

June 11, 2008

What about today’s Oracle database developers’ business process and data modeling needs?

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 8:21 pm

It was the good old days of Client-Server applications and at that times my company was migrating our applications from Powerbuilder to Oracle Forms. I was so fan of Powerbuilder and also so young, this change was making me sad and crazy.

Last week I met and worked with Power Designer, a very good data modeling tool to my first impressions. This success reminded me how I was miserable after Forms migrations and still after 10+ years Oracle’s only answer to data modeling seems to be Designer.

I did several searches on OTN and Oracle documentation, only alternative poped up to be Jdeveloper which Oracle database developer’s rarely installs after all those years;



Today’s Designer is still inside Oracle Developer Suite 10g and is still seems to be closely integrated with Oracle Forms only.

We now have APEX inside 11g database installation, cool
We now have OWB inside 11g database installation, cool+
We now have SQL Developer inside 11g database installation, cool++

But what about today’s Oracle database developers’ business process and data modeling needs? I hope Oracle has plans for SQL Developer at least to have some designer capabilities soon.

Until that day Power Designer rocks! :)

PS : one need, several solutions, so who says SQL is always faster than PL/SQL? :)

Not to miss these kind of discussions you may register to OTN Forums > SQL and PL/SQL Forum > Popular Threads RSS listed here;

March 20, 2008

My first video blog entry test – Oracle Quality and Performance for Free summary

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 6:19 am

After seeing Eddie Awad’s Oracle in 3 Minutes series I planed to play with the trial of Camtasia Player. Camtasia Player is a simple, standalone video player, optimized for playing screen recordings.

I receive lots of comments on why I am not writing in Turkish, my native language. So I decided to use this tool as an opportunity to summaries some of my most read posts. After a small introduction to the tool I directly tried myself on my Oracle Quality and Performance for Free summary. My first recording experience was really fun, but I know I have to study more on my voice and tool’s options like pointer style, resolution etc. for the possible future videos. I am not sure if our community has a video blog but after experiencing Camtasia for some of us I am sure writing will be harder :)

Download and extract this zip file to a directory and use oracle-for-free.html file to play the video. (size ~58 Mb and download password is “lnk_psswd”)

Last week I spend lots of my time on our 10g multi-terabyte billing systems’ migration from hp tru64 to ibm aix environment. Cross Plathform Transportable Tablespace database migration or Data Pump options were not excepted by the management because of their downtime requirements. And the project was based on a redo change data capture tool Golden Gate, I will be blogging about this method and its risks later.

And also I hope to study Oracle’s Warehouse Builder next week and blog about my experiences, with its new version OWB is much more strong now, not only for ETL purposes but also for our daily needs ;)

March 1, 2008

WordPress is still banned in my country :(

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 9:29 am

I thought this was not a permanent problem but it has been over 6 months now, so I thought to create a workaround for the regular Turkish readers of this blog. My old blog at http://tonguc.oracleturk.org is still accessible, so from now on I will be publishing all my posts both here and there.

Under WordPress’s administration dashboard under blog stats we have All Time Top Posts and I also choosed most read 5 posts of this blog and imported them as well. But still Turkish Oracle blog followers will need some stuff mentioned here to access other wordpress blogs of course, even their own maybe. Here are some of my favorite Oracle blogs at WordPress, so really thanks to OpenDNS :)

Tanel Poder’s blog: Core IT for geeks and pros
Richard Foote’s Oracle Blog
Jonathan Lewis’s Oracle Scratchpad
Lutz Hartmann as sysdba

ps: ApEx 3.1 is now downloadable, check out below link for further information like how to use 3.1 on XE, OBEs of 3.1 and sample 3.1 applications; http://www.oraclecommunity.net/profiles/blog/show?id=1988559%3ABlogPost%3A4704

February 19, 2008

Interesting comments and questions of “Why Oracle?” seminar

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 10:33 am

There were several interesting comments and questions during last Saturday’s seminar.

1. Can we flashback a truncated or drop purged table?

Thanks to Ogan for showing that this can be done by flashback database feature. Undo and Flashback Logs are different concepts. I created an additional demo to show that NOLOGGING options can be problematic here;

Code Listing 201a – Flashback database and NOLOGGING operations problem demo

2. How multi-versioning can be able to return rows of a dropped table since drop does not produce undo for the rows it has, only undo for the metadata?

Thanks to Baran for raising this problem. Tom Kyte has a similar example in his book but he uses DELETE and COMMITs, this is an accepted behavior if you are in a single user environment because the undo that DELETE produced will still be available after even you commit. But how DROP is covered here is a question mark, and TRUNCATE raises an error, there is a related Asktom thread for this question.

Code Listing 201b – Multi-versioning returning rows of a dropped table demo

3. Committing in a loop after each N rows during a big update over ROWIDs is much more efficient than a single sql update.

This was not a question in deed, some fellow challenged me during my locking demo with this comment. He even cried out that he couldn’t believe me not knowing this since this was Tom Kyte’s own claim! Pufff, this was an interesting experience, after all those years reading Tom’s books and Asktom threads I just could smile for a while and promised him to demonstrate that this claim both is not Tom’s and wrong.

I guess there can be several reasons that people can not understand what they read;
– they are unable to understand since their native language is not English,
– some forum threads are so long for an average newbie who even is unable to find the topic on the documentation they can not follow,
– the information provided do not have simple demos to assist understanding,
– on purpose they are trying to provocate or mislead the crowd to gain attention etc.
– what else do you think?

But still this was a unique experience since I saw lots of Oracle myth believers before but never saw someone crying out that this kind of a myth is Kyte’s claim. Tom Kyte is so dedicated to not to be one “Question Authority” that his efforts inspired lots of us for years. And here are two related threads of him;

“How to Update millions or records in a table”

“snapshot too old error”

Still I feel an Oracle exorcism is needed within my community after this seminar, so I will be preparing a presentation on some popular myths like;
– dividing a bulk update into pieces and committing frequently will relax your system compared to a single sql update
– we need to rebuild indexes regularly(never ending story..)
– hit ratio based tuning is enough
– bind variables are like aspirin, use them and gain performance anywhere anytime
– what else do you think?

With our native language in my presentation I will try to be short and to the point, try to prepare demos which will assist me since testing is believing. I will use DBMS_SCHEDULER to simulate concurrent access since there are important critiques that a single user environment test can not produce outputs that can be used as a proof for loaded OLTP environments. DBMS_ALERT will help to control the scheduled jobs execution timing, here is an example of this technique. So please comment on the myth topics, your advices on the technique I mentioned in order to have the most efficient output for this exorcism session :)

4. We know that you are not the best but how come that you are the most famous?

This was another interesting comment, FAME is something google promoted me somehow after years of blogging I guess, ironic when I do a Google search even I find my own posts sometimes :) I always thought that this is all about SHARING, but not sharing anything, sharing a valuable and trustable information, after all who thinks that he or she can be the BEST on some software which is this wide ranged and closed source? Also I am not interested to be the BEST but simply I am interested in to understand how things are implemented with the software I use daily, that’s all, and this is a rational human’s default behavior right?

ps: check out this SQL, really incredible :)

Testing Information : the scripts mentioned are tested on Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release

References Used :


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