Surpriseeee : )

Let’s make yet another fresh start here, sharing platform became Linkedin for me for the last years but I really missed writing my experiences in detail, let’s start with the recent changes for me:

1. We left İstanbul 4 years ago and moved to my home town Fethiye, started working remotely with my wife long before Covid-19. My son Can Deniz started primary school here. We are a happy villager family with 3 dogs and a cat now : )

2- I started working for Trendyol Turkey’s first decacorn as a Tech Lead at Data Management team previous year just after the pandemic started, Trendyol has a very exciting story, Amazon of Turkey let’s say in brief, our Datawarehouse sits on Google Big Query and we are migrating to a cloud based BI tool Looker from Tableau, if you are interested about our projects let me invite you to our live event at 2 October.

3- I am also working inside the core Trendyol team to develop our young talent programs, we executed 12 bootcamps within a year in different areas like Infra, Security, Backend, Frontend, Mobile and of course Data : ) For senior profiles we also developed a Hiring Day format, we will execute the first iteration for Backend at 25 September and most probably second iteration will be for Data Engineering.

4- I am also working with a great team to initiate Data Management Turkey group, we are trying to discuss and practice data related topics in this community, come and join us at our Discord group(all links are inside the Medium post I mentioned) if you are interested.

With this opportunity please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing old friends, I hope everyone is healthy and having fun! See you around : )


Ücretsiz Davetiye: Türk Hadoop Kullanıcıları Grubu(TRHUG) senelik toplantısı – 25 Kasım Cuma

Türk Hadoop Kullanıcıları Grubu(TRHUG) senelik toplantısı 25 Kasım Cuma günü Kozyatağı Hilton ‘da EMC sponsorluğunda gerçekleşecek. Bu sene Pivotal açık kaynağın başındaki isim
Roman Shaposhnik açılış konuşmasını yapacak. Kapanışta bir workshop’da yapacağız bu sene. Katılım ücretsiz, biletler sınırlı, acele edin ;)

Turkish Hadoop User Group(TRHUG) 2014 meeting

Turkish Hadoop User Group(TRHUG) 2014 annual meeting will be at Monday December 22, Levent İstanbul. Microsoft TR is the sponsor of the meeting this year. Turkcell has two slots on the agenda this year; one on an interesting project called Curio based on Kafka, Storm and Cassandra the real-time side of the ecosystem. The other on another very interesting project called Customer Journey based on Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Hcatalog the batch side of the ecosystem.

Catch one of the last 10 free tickets and check out the other presentations of the day from this link:


Selam, ikinci Türk Oracle Kullanıcıları Derneği, BI/DW özel ilgi grubu toplantımız 21 Haziran günü İTÜ Maslak ‘da gerçekleşecek. Draft plan şu şekilde:

09:00 – 09:30 Kayıt ve açılış
09:30 – 10:15 Ersin İhsan Ünkar / Oracle Big Data Appliance & Oracle Big Data Connectors – Hadoop Introduction
10:30 – 11:15 Ferhat Şengönül / Exadata TBD
11:30 – 12:15 Sponsor sunumu
12:30 – 13:30 Öğle arası
13:30 – 14:15 Ahmet Selahattin Güngörmüş / OBIEE TBD
14:30 – 15:15 Sanem Seren Sever / ODI TBD
15:30 – 16:15 TBD / DW SQL Tuning
16:30 – 17:15 TBD / ODM TBD

Katılmayı arzu edebilirsiniz düşüncesi ile takviminize işlemeniz için önden iletiyorum, içerik netleştiğinde genel bir duyuru da yapacağız. Salon uygun olduğu için ilgileneceğini düşündüğünüz arkadaşlara bilgi verebilirsiniz.

TROUG 2012 değerlendirme

2013 ‘e ışık tutması açısından, 2012 ‘de TROUG ile yaşadığınız deneyim paralelinde sizlerin geri beslemelerini merak ediyorum. Hatırlatma amaçlı 2012 ‘de ne gibi aktiviteler gerçekleşti sitemiz anasayfadaki “Geçmiş Etkinlikler” bölümünü inceleyebilirsiniz:

Review Oracle Apex Best Practices- Packt Publishing

Oracle-Apex-Best Practices has been released by Pact-Pub recently. First impression on me was that it’s not a beginner guide to APEX. It’s an enterprise level Apex development features book. When developers begin to learn APEX, they think “we can do simple web projects with APEX but not more”. But this book shows that everything can be done with APEX. If you don’t have experience about APEX, I recommend reading a beginner APEX books before you read this book.

– In the first chapters it tells the APEX architecture and gives the key points how to design and manage single or multiple applications. I wish there could be much more examples on this chapter.

– The book covers also advanced level oracle reporting features such as analytic and grouping functions and tells how to use them in APEX.

– There is a large chapter about printing of reports on different platforms and many examples about how to implement that.

– All enterprise applications must have good implemented security levels. Application level security steps from database to user interface items are well-explained with examples.

– Many APEX developers complain about debugging on APEX. There is a chapter about how to debug and alternative debugging tools from database level to user interface level. Also that is so helpful to understand what happens when user clicks a button from end to end.

– If it’s an enterprise application, we should have source version system and deployment procedure. Last chapter examines how to manage this with examples.

Everything is understandable and is easy to implement for our production environment. Screen shots are taken from 4.1 version of APEX but all can be used in 4.2 too. Also there is a mini appendix for RESTfull web services which is the new great feature in 4.2 version of APEX. I think ever APEX developers should read this book for better designed APEX application. Many thanks to writers of this book: Learco Brizzi, Illon Ellen-Wolf and Alex Nuijten for this great job.

ps. this review is written by my collegue A.Yavuz Barutçu


TROUG: Oracle Day 2012 İstanbul

Hüsnü kendi sunumundan bahsetmiş, 15 Kasım’da İstanbul’da gerçekleşecek Oracle Day 2012 toplantısına katılım ücretsiz, katılacaklar başta Hüsnü ‘nün sunumu olmak üzere diğer TROUG sunumlarını kaçırmayın.

Not: Turkcell Grup CIO ‘su Sayın İlker Kuruöz ‘ün de aynı gün 10:30 ‘da “Dönüşümsel Bulut Yolculuğu” isimli bir sunumu görünüyor, tüm ajandaya bu bağlantıdan ulaşabilirsiniz.