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  1. coskan says:

    I thınk ıt ıs time to put Oracle ACE logo to thıs blog.

    congratulation to your new award. You deserved it.

  2. Coşkan thank you.

    As I expressed my thoughts on our group OracleTURK recently I do not believe in the titles or logos like OCA/P/M or ACE. I am just another simple Oracle database geek, that’s all. Of course these titles are good to work for, they are good motivators. But for me what is more important is to continue learning and sharing.

    Let’s think for a moment; will it change your feelings for Mr.Jonathan Lewis or Mr.Thomas Kyte if they were no ACEs after all their efforts, assistance through your career? Or do you care if Julian Dyke or Danişment Gazi Ünal has a similar title?

    Who cares, we will always remember them thankfully through our lives ;)

  3. oglakci says:

    As someone who is new to the Oracle communities, I believe these titles like ACE and OCP/M are a bit of references to help you which blogs to start with if you’re not able to get references from people.

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