Review Oracle Apex Best Practices- Packt Publishing

Oracle-Apex-Best Practices has been released by Pact-Pub recently. First impression on me was that it’s not a beginner guide to APEX. It’s an enterprise level Apex development features book. When developers begin to learn APEX, they think “we can do simple web projects with APEX but not more”. But this book shows that everything can be done with APEX. If you don’t have experience about APEX, I recommend reading a beginner APEX books before you read this book.

– In the first chapters it tells the APEX architecture and gives the key points how to design and manage single or multiple applications. I wish there could be much more examples on this chapter.

– The book covers also advanced level oracle reporting features such as analytic and grouping functions and tells how to use them in APEX.

– There is a large chapter about printing of reports on different platforms and many examples about how to implement that.

– All enterprise applications must have good implemented security levels. Application level security steps from database to user interface items are well-explained with examples.

– Many APEX developers complain about debugging on APEX. There is a chapter about how to debug and alternative debugging tools from database level to user interface level. Also that is so helpful to understand what happens when user clicks a button from end to end.

– If it’s an enterprise application, we should have source version system and deployment procedure. Last chapter examines how to manage this with examples.

Everything is understandable and is easy to implement for our production environment. Screen shots are taken from 4.1 version of APEX but all can be used in 4.2 too. Also there is a mini appendix for RESTfull web services which is the new great feature in 4.2 version of APEX. I think ever APEX developers should read this book for better designed APEX application. Many thanks to writers of this book: Learco Brizzi, Illon Ellen-Wolf and Alex Nuijten for this great job.

ps. this review is written by my collegue A.Yavuz Barutçu



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