OraPub’s Free Technical Papers and Presentations

Craig Shallahamer is someone we always listen from Danişment Gazi Ünal, who has written Microstate Response-time Performance Profiling paper at January 2003 and who is one of the most knowledgeable Oracle experts in Türkiye and world I have ever seen.

I saw Mr. Shallahamer’s recent Oracle Server Consolidation presentation, so here are the free publications of OraPub you might want to study.


Annual my favorites updates

During 2008 there were a lot of new Oracle blogs I tried to follow, nowadays it is so hard to catch up with all the information around us. Within our limited time resource it is very important to choose which blogs is your own favorites.

Until this morning I couldn’t manage to update my favorites, so if you want to take a look here are my favorites as of today.