How to give positive feedback as an Oracle customer?

Any company who value their profit must be after their customers’ feedbacks. So we as Oracle users, how do we give our feedback about things we experience? This experience can be a bug, an improvement need or a new feature request and after this feedback we need to receive a response back of course. Metalink is the place for official support, if you purchase of course, usually buggy/nasty situations are topics here. So can we say OTN forums, Oracle related blogs are the places to give our valuable feedback to Oracle? Since I believe so, I will be doing this with this post :)

Each individual is unique and as a result during our daily Oracle quests in our environments we all face different, interesting experiences. But think about somebody coming and requesting from you this kind of a feedback one day, you can get nervous or excited I guess, after all those fights what to say now? :)

I am a part of a telco organization who owns one of the most prominent data warehouses among all Oracle data warehouse customers, also a highly loaded Billing/CRM Oracle OLTP database. Within last ~10 years there were very interesting experiences we had as a team, some we could speak out loud and share, some we can not of course, some I can not remember now even they felt very scary and unforgettable once upon a time. So I tried to use my blog to produce this kind of a feedback.

WordPress has a very nice feature, the random post option at the top right menu, by clicking it several times and reviewing my own posts for the last two years within some minutes my list was ready to go.

In this list some items can be not so valid, some can be very interesting I know, but what I try to point out here is in order to come out with a list like this you need to document your daily experience, in a light fashion of course, blogging like a dairy can be very helpful for this kind of a need or “what did I do last year?” kind of a question’s answers.

So now I hope here comes your items, come on don’t be shy and comment, sky can be our limit here who cares right :)