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January 21, 2009

Turkish Oracle Community Related Updates

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 12:53 pm

Just to prove I am still alive, I wanted to write a post :)

This May our Turkish Oracle Users group forum will be 10 years old. ~1500 memberships and ~5000 messages until now.

I always tried to support OracleTurk since there is a very limited amount of Turkish resources related to Oracle, also CeTurk is another forum I try to support in Turkish. Recently there was an announcement of a new Turkish forum http://oracleforum.info/ which is founded by the members of the local Oracle University team.

Türkiye has young and very talented software engineers, parallel to this fact as far as I can follow the Turkish Oracle Users community is also growing quietly. I am 32 and I feel like a dinosaur within these guys. So here is a small list that you may want to check which consists of Turkish Oracle Bloggers writing in English who are near 25, yes 25 :)


Yasin, Coşkan and Kubilay more popular Turkish bloggers who are older ones like me, near 30 lets say :)

Oracle had always tons of critiques in my country why they can not touch young poeple compared to IBM and Microsoft, so nowadays we may say things are changing and forums/blogs are the main drivers behind this change I guess.

ps: I am looking for anyone who has been ~10 years of Oracle DBA/Developer, liked to play with Oracle and than chose to continue their career in decision making side, to have their comments on this kind of a migration, are they cool or missing the feeling of being a doer?


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  1. Lucky me that I am still 29 :)

    Thank you for encouraging young Turkish Oracle geeks to put a value to Oracle community.

    Comment by coskan — January 21, 2009 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

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