Oracle Openworld 2008 Community Events

There will be special additional events for Oracle customers during Openworld which will provide important opportunities to come together and exchange information.

Sunday, Sep 21 – Blogger Meet-up
Monday, Sep 22 – OTN Night
Tuesday, Sep 23 – Terabyte Club Appreciation Dinner(not sure but ACE Dinner also I guess)
Wednesday, Sep 24 – Appreciation Event
Thursday, Sep 25 – Terabyte Club General Meeting

For example we are a member of the Oracle Data Warehouse Terabyte Club Program and I am very excited for the discussions on general Data Warehouse market trends, member customer case study presentations, functionality requests, future Oracle DW products’ directions and detailed reviews of the key announcements including the most exciting DW-related announcements made during OpenWorld 2008 on Thursday’s meeting.

Yes, there will be at least one important announcement at OOW this year which I am aware of for a while now, which of course I can not write on for now. As a result not only the day times but also the nights will be full during OOW 2008 :)

Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop 2008, Where the Community Rules
September 21-25, Moscone Center, San Francisco