I registered for Oracle OpenWorld 2008 this morning

It is a long way to SF and after my last participation at 99 Oracle community changed and grew a lot, at those times there were no community at all, it was just Tom Kyte and Steven Feuerstein I guess :)P

Forums and blogs developed an important community recently, also Siebel and BEA kind of other giant communities are now a part. So I guess it will be like a FenerbahçeGalatasaray derby game there, I still have hopes to meet some blogger friends at OTN Night or Lounge, I will wear my Fenerbahçe t-shirt so you can catch me easily if you want to have a chat, and here is a photo of the t-shirt :)

So my initial steps were;

1. Register for a full conference pass –

2. Subscribe to OOW blog RSS –

3. A quick review of the sessions –

ps: Any hotel advices for Oracle bloggers to have more time together? Or any other additional registration for an Oracle blogger?

Oracle #openworld08 blogger meetup event up on OracleCommunity.net feel free to RSVP. Blog post to follow. http://is.gd/13kc


Now one and a half year passed and this blog is running to a quarter million views

Recently I didn’t blog much, still ~650 views a day I monitor from wordpress dashboard. It is like yesterday, I decided to move to this wordpress domain at December 2006 from tonguc.oracleturk.org because of some administrative reasons. My first post was a short one :)

Being a blogger has alternative costs, life passes by quickly and you choose to sit and write on something you experienced. But no pain no gain, being a blogger is an important opportunity to study topics further. It is always harder to write on something. Also as you are a blogger you may build up friendships with other bloggers, this is another good opportunity to share opinions closer. I always think blogging is different than writing an article, it is much more like a fast food, a blog post is nice for me if it can be consumed fast and easily. :)

There are a lot of very experienced people around me who thinks they can not blog because they are very busy, which makes me laugh because as a result I become very non-busy. :) For me this is just another choice of course with its alternative costs. Also some of mt friends think that if they can not make a difference why to start blogging since there are a lot of bloggers already. But I strongly believe that anyone’s experience on any topic can be unique and valuable, they can be simple and nice since we are not doing rocket science anyway. :)

I love to read and learn from forums and blogs as a result I believe I benefited more than I shared in my opinion. So I hope these kind of web 2.0 information sharing opportunities never stop growing.

As far as I can see XE, APEX and SQL Tracing was the most attractive topics to my readers, naturally these three areas were also personally mine most liked blogging areas. I may say in the future I do not think I will be blogging as much as I did especially like at 2007, but whenever I experience something I think is valuable to share, I promise I will do my best to blog about it.

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