Eddie Awad’s http://oraclecommunity.net – I like twitter, here is a small demo :)

oraclebase oraclebase @eddieawad I’ve blogged about the site and I’ve put some links from my blog and blog aggregator. That must be worth a least one member. :)
oraclebase oraclebase @TongucY I’m going to quit my job so I can concentrate on social networking. :)
H.Tonguc YILMAZ TongucY but it is getting so hard; follow blogs, otn oracle-l and local forums, wiki, mix, twitter, facebook, technorati / need one to rule them all
oraclebase oraclebase @TongucY (@eddieawad ) Mix is more LinkedIn. OracleCommunity is more FaceBook. :)
Dan Norris dannorris I’ll be soooo happy when the elections are over and media goes back to providing (mostly) useful information instead of dirt on candidates.
Eddie Awad eddieawad @oraclebase 8 is a very lucky number, at least for the Chinese people.
Eddie Awad eddieawad @TongucY Sure not. mix and oraclecommunity.net are different even though they share a few common things.
oraclebase oraclebase I’m member number 8 in the Oracle Community…
H.Tonguc YILMAZ TongucY @eddieawad thank you Eddie, so this is not an alternative for mix.oracle.com right? :)
Eddie Awad eddieawad @TongucY have fun, meet new people, anything you and the community want it to be.
H.Tonguc YILMAZ TongucY my first impressions, http://oraclecommunity.net is really awesome! but what will be its mission Eddie? :)
Eddie Awad eddieawad http://oraclecommunity.net is here. DM me your email or go to http://awads.net/wp/contact to request an invite to join.

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