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January 24, 2008

Oracle Database Job Trends – “oracle pl/sql” vs. “oracle java” vs. “oracle apex” ..

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 8:26 pm

I was informed by one of my colleagues about this post on Spring Overtakes EJB as a Skills Requirement and of course immediately I wanted to try what I am interested :) And here are the results of some of my searches;

“oracle pl/sql”, “oracle java”, “oracle apex”, “oracle .net”, “oracle sql”, “oracle htmldb”, “oracle forms” Job Trends “oracle pl/sql” jobs“oracle java” jobs“oracle apex” jobs“oracle .net” jobs“oracle sql” jobs“oracle htmldb” jobs“oracle forms” jobs

“oracle 10g”, “oracle 9i”, “oracle 8i”, “oracle 11g” Job Trends “oracle 10g” jobs“oracle 9i” jobs“oracle 8i” jobs“oracle 11g” jobs

“oracle dba”, “oracle developer”, “java developer”, “.net developer” Job Trends “oracle dba” jobs“oracle developer” jobs“java developer” jobs“.net developer” jobs

“senior oracle developer”, “junior oracle developer”, “senior oracle dba”, “junior oracle dba” Job Trends “senior oracle developer” jobs“junior oracle developer” jobs“senior oracle dba” jobs“junior oracle dba” jobs

No need to lie; for a 10g, SQL and PL/SQL lover like me, I was very happy to see above trends :)


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