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January 13, 2008

Survey > Which Oracle Expert do you want to see in İstanbul?

Filed under: Oracle Other — H.Tonguç Yılmaz @ 11:17 am

Last year I made my wish list and until now Steven Feuerstein is my only wish came true. But last year I was very lucky to attend their seminars and meet with Lutz Hartmann, Julian Dyke, Joze Senegacnik, Alejandro Vargas and of course Jonathan Lewis in İstanbul.

These seminars were very beneficial for me that from now on I really do not want to attend any Oracle University education but these kind of seminars. So I decided to create my new wish list for 2008 and distribute to our OracleTURK community over an Apex survey to see what people’s feedbacks will be. Here is my list, really hardly eliminated to 10 and sorted randomly;

  • John Scott with a two/three days Oracle Apex Best Practices Seminar
  • Steve Adams with a two/three days Oracle Internals Seminar
  • Pete Finnigan with a two/three days Oracle Security Best Practices Seminar
  • Adrian Billington with a two/three days Oracle Database Developer Best Practices Seminar
  • Werner Puschitz with a two/three days Oracle on Linux Best Practices Seminar
  • Laurent Schneider with a two/three days Oracle Advanced SQL Seminar
  • Tanel Poder with a two/three days Oracle on Linux Advanced Tuning Techniques Seminar
  • Richard Foote with a two/three days Oracle Indexes Best Practices Seminar
  • Joel Goodman with a two/three days Oracle MAA Best Practices Seminar
  • Christian Antognini with a two/three days Oracle Optimizer Best Practices Seminar

And last special words goes for Thomas Kyte; dear Tom you are and will be always at the top of any kind of these wish lists of mine, please come to İstanbul and be our guest :)

ps : and if you want to know how this survey application can be possible at a quite sunday morning, here is my cookbook;

– check out this otn article for some inspiration; http://www.oracle.com/technology/oramag/oracle/06-mar/o26browser.html

– and here is my customized metadata and survey application

it just took 18 minutes for me to develop and deploy this application, over internet, so hail and god bless Apex ;)


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