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January 10, 2008

I am tagged also, so here are 8 things about me :)

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This week I am preparing the Log Buffer #79 and it is very busy in deed, I am trying to apply the archives and hope to catch up tonight with the recovery :)

This tagging thing is this week’s hot issue, and it reached me as well by Rob van Wijk, thank you Rob :) Like Rob I’ll make an exception for this post since I have my non-Oracle blog at blogspot and I guess this will be my first non-Oracle post in my wordpress Oracle blogging career. And here we go;

1) I was born in February 1977 and have one younger brother, who is a microsoft and macromedia trainer(funny ha:) and doing very well, I am very proud of him, soon he will a Mvp I guess :)

2) I love to(and try to) play the guitar, rock’n’roll was always my escape exit from life, and I am a 3* Cmas diver. Once after the university I really thought to leave this world and pay my bills with my hobby, then Oracle turned out to be my hobby, ironically :)

3) I love Fenerbahce! This comes from my parents, I (nearly:)die for my team, no other words are needed I guess, watch our game at the Champions League, I will be there :)

4) I was born and grown in Fethiye, a beautiful Mediterranean village, where I think to go back and die happily with my grant children :) My family owns a small hotel there, so I am proudly announce here that any Oracle blogger will have %25(good one really:) discount if they will contact me if they want to visit my hometown, Fethiye :)

5) Recently I have been hit by a truck and my car was nearly destroyed, I was so lucky to get out without any harm. Happy to be still alive, lots of things to do :)

6) I am not married yet, but my grand parents are making a lot of pressure on me for a baby :)

7) I love traveling, I have been to New York, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angles, London, Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Red Sea and some of the best places of my country, Türkiye. I want to travel to Asia and Australia soon and I also believe that I live in the best city of the world, İstanbul :)

8) This will be an all time confession; I was once an Informix lover and resisted to migrate to Oracle and even prepared a presentation at that time to my company’s management and tried to convince them not to migrate :) Also this year I am very interested with Postgre SQL, since it is open source and very similar to Oracle, I think it is a good start point to learn the internal stuff deeper.

And now it’s my turn to tag, as far as I followed these are my blogger friends who are still not tagged, tadaaaaa :)

1. Coskans Approach to Oracle http://coskan.wordpress.com/
2. Alejandro Vargas’ Blog http://blogs.oracle.com/AlejandroVargas/
3. Jeremy Schneider’s Blog http://www.ardentperf.com/category/technical
4. Software Engineer Thoughts by Pawel Barut http://pbarut.blogspot.com/
5. Patrick Wolf’s Blog http://inside-apex.blogspot.com
6. OraStory by Dominic Brooks http://orastory.wordpress.com/
7. Databasesystems info by Kubilay Çilkara http://kubilaykara.wordpress.com
8. Arul’s Oracle Zone http://oraclezone.wordpress.com/

See you tomorrow with the Log Buffer, I will also have little surprises ;)

ps : Howard Roger’s did it again; http://www.dizwell.net/prod/archives/57 world needs Howard style people more than ever today, don’t walk and question the path everyone walks :)



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