Oracle myths and information pollution revisited

This post is parallel to these two very valuable recent posts;

Search engines are like knives; you can cut bread or easily your hand with them. The pollution they bring into our lives is unbelievable, usually we have limited time resource for investigating on an Oracle topic, also you should never want to loose the trust people have on you which you have building up for years of hard work.

So I created this one for my Google searches, I was inspired from dizwell‘s search and now I have been using it for months and this never failed me up to now. It is really easy to use it; in the below text search and replace “resource+manager” with any combination of words you are investigating on Oracle, concatenated with “+” sign, and start to copy&paste the produced links from top to down into your browser until you are satisfied with the results;

Effective Oracle Investigation on Search Engine Google

Bottom line is, be careful with polluted internet environment, never buy any “guru”‘s word immediately, test it and make sure you are convinced of the results on your own environment. Never believe all you read or hear, just because it is printed or someone is more experienced doesn’t mean the advised to be TRUE for you..

ps: warning for his fans like me, dizwell has moved –