Planning and Testing the 9iR2 to 10gR2 migration of our XXX Tb DWH

I hope following months will be my best days ever with Oracle, a lot of data waiting for a complete Oracle version and model change during our datawarehouse re-engineering project, it will be a very valuable experience for me.

I had a startup meeting today with the responsible dba team, we agreed on testing primarily;
– Automatic Storage Management(ASM),
– optimizer strategy; dbms_stats system statistics and dictionary/fixed table statistics collection,
– materialized views, bitmap indexes, table compression features and
– new backup/recovery strategy based on Flash Recovery Area solution

Please share your comments, questions and experiences on this tool or such a XXX Tb 10g Release 2 datawarehouse migration, I will be sharing mines during following months.

I am really lucky, great timing for Alejandro Vargas three days seminar on Oracle Database Maximum Availability Architecture(MAA) Best Practices next week. I will be sharing my seminar notes as usual :)