After UKOUG 2007 – A summary

After UKOUG, I left Birmingham for a small London trip. I met Coşkan there, chatting on working and living conditions in London really motivated me, I have the strong feeling that I should try this for some time. With New York, London was the nearest city which gave me this feeling compared to İstanbul. As Coşkan mentioned of 33 days holiday a year, no over time forcing, the quality of living in London and how much an experienced Oracle/Unix expert may be satisfied there, lots of my friends will sure also be interested I guess. One more advantage of London is that it is just 3,5 hours away from my family and friend. So I am back in my home town, and there is no place like home for me still ;)

Below you will find a brief summary of my best Oracle event experience up to now in my life, UKOUG 2007;

December 3, 2007, UKOUG DAY 1

  • Openning and Keynotes by Ian Smith and Tom Kyte
  • Oracle Spatial, An Introduction by Dominic Giles
  • Playing Russion Roulette with Silver Bullets by Jonathan Lewis
  • TimesTen: Anatomy of an In-Memory Database by Chris Jenkins
  • Partitioning from start to database 11g by Ian Abramson
  • Oracle 10g RAC Tuning Tips by Joel Goodman
  • Flashback Logging by Julian Dyke
  • 11g New Features for DBAs by Thomas Kyte
  • Oracle Bloggers Meetup

December 4, 2007, UKOUG DAY 2

  • What’s new with Oracle Data Guard in 11g by Larry Carpenter
  • Performance Metrics using Statspack and Analytical SQL by Daniel Fink
  • 11g new features for Developers by Thomas Kyte
  • Oracle Security Tools by Pete Finnigan
  • Understanding Statspack by Jonathan Lewis
  • Scalability with Oracle RAC for DWH Applications by Christian Antognini
  • Query Transformations by Joze Senegacnik

December 5, 2007, UKOUG DAY 3

  • DB Time Performance method by Graham Wood
  • Programming real applications with Application Express by Andrew Woodward
  • Every Performance Problem Is One Of Two Things by James Morle
  • Debugging APEX Applications by John Scott
  • Modelling on the cheap by Andrew Clarke
  • Real World Database Recovery – An Experience by James Hetherington
  • Understanding and Interpreting Deadlocks: What to do with an ORA-00060 by Mark Bobak
  • PL/SQL Tracking and Tracing Instrumentation for Developers by Tim Scott
  • Extending Security with Oracle Database Vault by Joel Goodman
  • Swingbench, When you need a load by Dominic Giles

December 6, 2007, UKOUG DAY 4

  • Database Bad Practices by Niall Litchfield
  • Query Optimizer 11g – What’s new? by Christian Antognini
  • How to Make your Oracle Apex Applications Secure by Peter Lorenzo
  • Practical Best Programming for PL/SQL Developers(Masterclass) by Steven Feuerstein
  • Investigating Oracle(Masterclass) by Julian Dyke