UKOUG DAY 4 – The End –

Today in the morning I saw Steven Feuerstein just before the first sessions started. I introduced myself to Steven, we had several emails lately related to Steven’s two days İstanbul seminar in February 2008, it was a quick meet up and I enjoyed to chat Steven very much. You must see him presenting, you do not understand how time passes, Steven is one of the best speakers I have ever seen in my life.

I wanted to attend Jonathan Lewis ‘s “The beginners guide to CBO” class as my morning session. What ever the topic is if Jonathan is speaking I believe it is a historical moment and not to be missed, also I was wondering how he would be presenting Optimizer concepts to the beginners since I also do similar presentations each summer to our internees. But just at the entrance after I said good morning to Jonathan he didn’t let me in :) He advised me to choose another presentation and mentioned briefly what he will be talking, mostly the first chapter of his two days seminar which I attended in İstanbul. It was an interesting moment really, but at the end of the day I still felt unhappy that I left and didn’t listen to his presentation :)

Database Bad Practices by Niall Litchfield

And here comes my third great presentation, with very well studied demos he prepared Christian with each slide in his presentation introduced new concepts and questions for me, I enjoyed every second of this session thank you Christian.
Query Optimizer 11g – What’s new? by Christian Antognini

How to Make your Oracle Apex Applications Secure by Peter Lorenzo

Practical Best Programming for PL/SQL Developers(Masterclass) by Steven Feuerstein

Investigating Oracle(Masterclass) by Julian Dyke

So Ukoug 2007 is over, after the event we met Jonathan at the market place near the museum coincidently, I felt lucky to have the chance to thank him personally for such a great independent user group event. I hope some day in Türkiye we also manage to have a user group Troug, just a junior one compared to Ukoug of course :)

For the next year I want and plan to come back of course, but this time I hope as a presenter, with at least one or two case studies I experienced in my company, which soon be Europe’s largest Telco in one country, with this kind of an operation we are in and me working like a fire fighter lately within the company it won’t be a big challenge to come up with some interesting stories I guess ;)

I hope you enjoyed my notes since it took at least an hour for me to prepare them :) And for now this is The End for my Ukoug 2007 adventure.