Today I had the chance to meet and chat with Andrew Clarke(APC@Otn forums) and Dominic Brooks. Also I talked with Julian Dyke and Joze Senegacnik for a while especially on memories from their İstanbul seminars. Ukoug in deed an interesting place to be, when you are walking from one session to another you may see Tom Kyte or Jonathan Lewis walking with you, or you can sit next to Jonathan Lewis in a session and everyone is very opened to meet and chat here.

Different than I planned before, I didn’t attend Cost Based Optimiser Roundtable facilitated by Jonathan Lewis and Harvesting the Advantages of a Database Centric Development Approach by Toon Koppelaars sessions today. It is really tiring to catch up with all sessions, I feel like a Nba All-Star game coach, which one to choose is really an issue. Two short complains I have to make; Hall 1 is the coldest hall I have ever seen, I was afraid of the outside but got cold in Hall 1, ironic :) Also I flew across a continent to see Kyte and Lewis, but during their presentations because of time limitations they cut shortly, so sad, no time constraints for these presenters let them finish please :)

And here are my second day’s sessions’ notes;

What’s new with Oracle Data Guard in 11g by Larry Carpenter

Performance Metrics using Statspack and Analytical SQL by Daniel Fink

11g new features for Developers by Thomas Kyte

Oracle Security Tools by Pete Finnigan

Understanding Statspack by Jonathan Lewis

Scalability with Oracle RAC for DWH Applications by Christian Antognini

Query Transformations by Joze Senegacnik

After the presentations with my colleague Uğur Demirelce, Uğur is one of the two DBAs of Europe’s second largest Telco Oracle datawarehouse, we took a walk to the New Street and bought our train tickets to London for Friday. Unbelievable how this country is expensive, even food and transportation. Since it is Christmas time streets are really fun, we walked through the Library, Museum and Town Hall, photographic scenes are all around.

Wednesday will be another though day, I hope to survive 10 sessions this time, see you tomorrow :)