A Month Dedicated to Oracle Again, December 2007

I again volunteered to do a single man show(from front-end to the tables) with APEX, this time this project is also challenging with the end users’ needs which only can be handled with AJAX. As a result blogging and OTN forums stuff will be suspending for a small amount of time.

But next month will be big, first of all I am very happy to learn that I will be going to UKOUG 2007 to meet best of the best and some friends; Lewis, Kyte, Dyke, Senegacnik and much more. I had to choose Ukoug over Oow, I am sorry I will not be able to meet some of my friends in San Francisco this year :(

Also Alejandro Vargas, who owns one of my favorite Oracle blogs as I mentioned before, will be here in İstanbul, Turkcell Academy for a three days seminar on Oracle Database Maximum Availability Architecture(MAA) Best Practices. We agreed on the content with Alejandro, just the best practices based on 10gR2 and maybe some 11gR1 new enhancements also;

Day 1a – Automatic Storage Management(ASM) Best Practices
Day 1b – Real Application Clusters(RAC) Best Practices
Day 2a – Data Guard Best Practices
Day 2b – Recovery Manager(RMAN) Best Practices
Day 3a – Flashback Best Practices
Day 3c – Enterprise Manager Grid Control Best Practices

Another invitation came from Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi and CeTurk group, I will be meeting and delivering a half day free seminar on Oracle database introduction, wait interface and simple 10046 response time analysis to the young software engineer and candidates.

As a tradition I will be putting all my notes and resources on my blog. Up to that times you may check this year’s previous notes –
Jonathan Lewis and Julian Dyke
Lutz Hartmann
Joze Senegacnik

Recent weeks past quite hard for me because of some really strong private problems, so I also want to thank for the support of my friends here and I feel very lucky to have Oracle in my life during this hard healing period.