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August 22, 2007

Two days tuning seminar with Joze Senegacnik

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After Mr.Jonathan Lewis, Mr.Julian Dyke and Mr.Lutz Hartmann tomorrow and friday Mr.Joze Senegacnik will be our guest in İstanbul, world’s most beautiful city :)

I hope we will have nice time with Joze and since Joze is a very knowledgeable Oracle expert the seminar will be very useful for me. Of course again I will be sharing my notes’ highlights like I did before for this years’ seminars ( Lewis / Hartmann).

Joze requested that before the seminar we need to prepare a homework, a 10046 case. For me this was an easy homework since for the past several years I have been tracing anything around me called as a bug or a performance problem :) So I found this recent forums thread interesting to show the power of 10046 analysis and I hope the class also like it.

Optimizing for Performance by Joze Senegacnik 2 Day Seminar Notes – Istanbul, Turkcell Academy 23-23/08/2007

Note : Check out Joze’s hidden pga parameter tuning paper I recently mentioned and used during a critical migration, if you still didn’t experience it yet.


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  1. […] Senegacnik in his Optimizing for Performance 2 Day Seminar at Istanbul, Turkcell Academy 23-23/08/2007 mentioned that each subsequently parsed column introduces a cost of 20 cpu cycles regardless if it […]

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