Log Buffer #56: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This is the 56th edition of Log Buffer a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs, the weekly review of database blogs. Thanks to Dave Edwards of Pythian for helping me during the week especially for Non-Oracle blogs.

Log Buffer is published every Friday afternoon and if you want to contribute please get in touch with Dave. This is the the Log Buffer Guidelines for the Log Buffer editors. You may also consider subscribing to the Log Buffer Feed.


  1. Jan Kneschke on MySQL Proxy learns R/W Splitting
  2. Colin Charles Agenda on MySQL-related resources that you will enjoy reading.
  3. Xaprb on Introducing MySQL Visual Explain
  4. Wave2.org on A certification worth having…

Sql Server

  1. Euan Garden on SQL Server 2008 – July CTP Available
  2. SQL Server Security, Performance & Tuning (SSQA.net) on
    Best and Worst of having indexed views in SQL 2005
    and on How to gain Disk related performance with few simple steps
  3. Mladen Prajdic of SQLTeam.com Weblog on Best way to Update row if exists, Insert if not
  4. Jeff’s SQL Server Weblog on SELECT * FROM TABLE — except for these columns


  1. Luo Donghua, Oracle & Unix: Performance Tuning on How to make “like ‘%xxxx’ also using oracle index
  2. Chen Shapira on Iterations are not enough
  3. Niall Litchfield on An ACE Program
  4. Coskans Approach to Oracle on Nice RMAN command for double checkers or careless ones
  5. Flavio Casetta, Annals of Oracle’s Improbable Errors on A practical example of using global temporary tables within Apex: displaying dbms_output messages
  6. Bilal Hatipoğlu as a newbie to Oracle on Oracle performance analysis – Tracing and performance evaluation and Affect of gathering table stats to decision of CBO and on When the explanation doesn’t sound quite right…
  7. John Russell, Tahiti Views on PL/SQL Web Programming 1.0 – The URL is the API
  8. Hüsnü Şensoy after his Loading Oracle series on A Locking Mechanism in Oracle 10g for Web Applications
  9. Mennan Tekbir, Oracle Experience on How to Find Java(JVM) Version of Oracle Programatically
  10. Frank Zhou of OraQA(Oracle Question and Answer) on How to divide consecutive rows into groups based on the value of the smallest running total in SQL by using 10g model clause
  11. Paul M. Wright, Oracle Forensics on Forensic checksumming on all versions of supported Oracle databases
  12. Alejandro Vargas, as always a very well written document, on Log Miner Implementation Summary
  13. As Justin pointed out Oracle.com refreshed Oracle Events page, and Oracle AppsLab on Check out Oracle Events
  14. And Oracle® Database Express Edition Upgrade Guide 10 g Release 2 ( is published.

Oracle 11g Special

  1. Chris Claterbos of Vlamis Software on Oracle 11g OLAP – What to Expect Part 1
  2. Jurgen Kemmelings of Amis on New in Oracle 11g: PL/SQL Function Result Cache and on New in Oracle 11g: the FOLLOWS Clause in Create Trigger Statement and on :) New in Oracle 11g: wait added to lock table syntax
  3. Yuri van Buren of Blogging About Oracle on Blogging about 11g – Part 4 – Invisible Indexes
  4. Augusto Bott of Pythian Group Blog on Installing Oracle 11g on Ubuntu Linux 7.04
  5. ApEx communities’ new Oracle ACE Patrick Wolf on Oracle 11g: Native Web Services

Oracle ACEs Special

  1. Lutz Hartmann on Oracle 11g New Features book
  2. Jonathan Lewis was on holiday, but still :) on NLS and on Diagnosis
  3. Syed Jaffar Hussain on An interesting situation with Standby database.
  4. Lewis Cunningham of An Expert’s Guide to Oracle Technology on PostgreSQL DB News: PostgreSQL vs MySQL
  5. Mark Rittman of Rittman Mead Consulting on Playing Around with Star Transformations and Bitmap Indexes
  6. Sergio Leunissen on Oracle releases Oracle Linux Test (OLT) Kit
  7. Eddie Awad on Videos on Flashback in Oracle Database 10g and 11g
  8. Doug Burns on Oracle Development Licensing and WorkLoad Metrics

From ArchiveLogs :)

  1. Kevin Closson on Application Server Benchmark Proves PostgreSQL Is The Best Enterprise Database Server. New SPECjAppServer2004 Cost Metric Introduced Too!
  2. Cem Kaner on A first look at the proposed Principles of the Law of Software Contracts
  3. Özgür Macit on Unit Testing
  4. Özay Akdora, another Oracle newbie on DBA vs. Developer
  5. Devrim’s PostgreSQL Diary on Tutorial:PostgreSQL,lighttpd and Serendipity on Ubuntu

And a NoLogging Comment

Small things will make a change, so let’s get into action against the most important treat our world ever seen.

Thanks for reading my Log Buffer and I hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward to meet you again in the Oracle Blogsphere :)



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